How it works:

This program allows local families to have a “pick of the litter puppy/ young adult breeding dog” for just a fraction of the price. The Foster Home’s puppy/ young adult dog becomes apart of the Foster homes family forever, while breeding rights are retained by Wagging Wheatens for a set amount of time. Each situation is different so we will work out the specific details with each family on an individual basis. Once the dog has completed his or her breeding career he or she will be spayed/ neutered at Wagging Wheatens expense. Your foster to adopt program deposit will be returned in full and the dog will become a forever pet to the foster family.

How much cost is involved to become a Foster to Adopt Family? 

The cost to become a Foster home requires a deposit of $800.00 When the Foster pup/ young adult dog has completed its breeding career we will refund the entire deposit back to our Foster Family as a way of saying “Thank You” for participating in the program.  Wagging Wheatens will pay to have the dog spayed.

What are our Foster to Adopt families responsible for? 

Our Foster to Adopt families are responsible for the general routine veterinary care and wellness of the puppy/ dog entrusted to  them. This entails annual vaccines, feeding a high quality dog food, three to four groomings a year, monthly heart guard prevention along with Frontline prevention, training, regular exercise and lots and lots of love. 

How to become a Foster to Adopt home? 

The foster to adopt family needs to have physical or electrical fencing in their yard. Our pets need to be secure and safe at all times. The families need to live with in forty miles of Rochester NY Flexible schedules are required of our foster families. The family needs to own their own home. 

If you think this program is something you would be interested in, please feel free to contact me at 585-455-4214 to talk further.