My name is Michaela Ryan and we have had Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers for 16 years now. It all started with my daughter who was allergic to our dog with fur. Once he passed, we needed to find a breed that would be a better fit for our family. We tried exposing my daughter to several  fur/hair mixes without luck. Then we found Molly a SCWT and we have had Wheatens ever since.


What make our Wheatens different?

1. My Wheatens are treated like part of the family and live indoors. Puppies are raised in my house in the "puppy room". The area is cleaned daily to keep the mother and puppies as healthy as possible.

2. Our puppies have playtime everyday outside, when age appropriate. The picture above is a puppy in our back yard.

3. I feed our mothers high end, good quality dog food. If the mothers are not healthy the puppies can end up sickly.

4. Once the puppies are older they will be bathed regularly to keep themselves and the area clean. Many puppies together make for a big mess!

5. All puppies after the first weeks are socialized with people in my house and are held regularly. This helps them recognize humans as part of their pack.

6. Most people do not realize puppies do not just know how to walk on a leash naturally. I will start training with all of my puppies before they go home, to give you and them a head start.

7. Once you pick your puppy, you get to also pick the name. From that time on we will call the puppy that name. This helps with name recognition and transition to new home.

7. Lastly but most importantly I NEVER want my puppies to end up in a shelter. If you are unable to care for the dog or puppy please contact me and I will try to find someone to adopt it. It is judgment and guilt free, I just want them to be happy in a forever home.